Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rene's Son in Foster Care Learns Chris Is His Father


Chris Rene Has a Son in Foster Care

As Rene makes his exciting journey on the X Factor stage a special little guy in Chris' life learns that he is actually his father. Up until now Elijah only knew that the nice man that came around and played with him and sat and talked with his foster family was a friend. After his extraordinary X Factor performance his foster family made the decision to let little Elijah know that Chris was indeed his father instead of just a close family friend.

Chris only learned of his son two years after he was born. An unknown exflame decided to let Elijah go to foster care. After learning he had a son Chris has made an effort to be in the child's life. Elijah who is now 6 visits with Chris at the foster families home. In light of recent events this could be journey not only on the X Factor stage but a new journey with a life with his son Elijah.


Why did it take Chris to be a star to tell his son the truth? Now that's an unselfish act of God if you ask me....and proof of an unselfish act of whoever has been involved in not letting little jeremiah know before the x factor!

Why would you come here just to make a negative comment Debbie? Seems there are far more other places on the web where they enjoy negativity like Yahoo news comments...try it. At least he is getting his life back on track now...I applaud Chris for that.

JULES...YER AN IDIOT. You obviously can't read very well! Let me explain since you don't comprehend very well. God gave Chris a talent that is out of this world. I'm rooting for him all the way...Was just saying it's sad that it took him to be on stage for his son to find out who his father is!!!!! Maybe he could have got his life back on track sooner had he had some support and dint'd have to fake like he was a friend of the family.

i admire chris for the humbling experience of admitting a problem with addiction. i pray he is able to stay on the right path for himself and his son. even if he doesn't go any where in music, life's greatest reward for a parent, is the unwavering trust and love of our children. ~Amy~

I still say he is nothing more than a LOSER!


I just call it how I see it.

Chris is really talented, but despite some people's belief that he debuted his music on X-Factor, he actually had an album out on itunes in 2009. (Check it out: Soul'd Out, it's pretty good!)

On the other hand, the original version of Young Homie said it'd been 3 years. He had been clean for 3 years before he had a relapse, which is what he had been clean for 70 days from when he went on X-Factor.

Because of that, I kinda worry for him. X-Factor may be just what he needs to fox himself up. But what if he fails? What if things go wrong, he gets kicked off and he relapses again?

I sincerely hope things work out for him, whatever happens.

Anonymous Debbie...considering I CAN spell and you CAN'T, that makes YOU the idiot!

You can't believe everything you read. Elijah was adopted by a wonderful family, he is not in foster care. Chris was there the day of the adoption to selflessly support his son being raised in a stable loving home. He has had contact with his son. It's always a delicate thing when you're trying to expain to an adopted child where he came from and why etc. It all happened just as it should. Elijah knew BEFORE X-Factor that Chris was his dad. Chris didn't know that Elijah knew until after X-Factor. For such a hard situataion it has been amazing the love and great relationship and timing of the whole thing. We wish Chris well. He is an amazing young man!

I confirm the previous persons comment since I also know the adoptive family which is wonderful and Chris Rene's son who is
a well adjusted fantastic little boy. You would be amazed at the super life this little guy has in a big loving family which has included Chris so many times.

I am a big fan of Chris Rene, but I just dont understand why he has a son with another family when he has his own? If it was because he was into drugs, then why didnt his family care for his son? This kid can grow up wondering why? Why was he given away? Throughout the show, they only mention one son.. I wonder if the adopted son is watching? I hope Chris Rene will become big in the music industry. He is very talented and I think he should have won. But I also hope he regains his son...

Anonymous .. He didn't know he had a son ..

Elijah .. lived with this family since a baby .. lets face it Chris was on drugs, he wasn't going to get awarded custody . They show him in the final clip of the show .. Hes wearing the red shirt

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