Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simon Cowell Talks About Chris Rene's YouTube Success with ReelzChannel (Video)


Simon Cowell Interview on Chris Rene and X Factor (Video)

When The X Factor premiered no one would have ever expected that someone one would do an original song on the very first episode but that's just what Chris Rene did. Since that episode aired his audition has went viral on YouTube gaining millions of hits, more than any other contestants performance on the show. This did not slip under Simon Cowell's radar. He has even came forward in a ReelzChannel interview to talk about Chris' YouTube fame.

Watch Chris Rene's audition on The X Factor

ReelzChannel hired Cowell's older half-brother Tony Cowell to be an X Factor correspondent and he sat down with Simon in an exclusive interview. Simon said, "I like to see it with the commercials and to, you know, see it properly." He went on to say "We always hoped that it was going to happen, where a clip goes on YouTube [and becomes a hit]. I was watching this very closely. On the first morning, he had 40,000 hits. By that night, it was 300,000. And now, a week later, it’s 3 million and rising. That’s when you know you’ve done something right."

Simon also talks about the panel of judges on The X Factor in this exclusive interview with The ReelzChannel.


claro que o chris rene chama atencao de milhoes no mundo inteiro sabem porque e um bom artista musical se nao fosse bom ninguem perdia tempo de ver os seus videos ele e muito bom por isso e visto todos os dias por milhoes no mundo inteiro ele tem que ganhar o x factor ta mais que visto que ele e uma super estrela votem para o chris rene.

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