Thursday, October 20, 2011

Childhood Pictures of Chris Rene | Pics of a Young Chris


Pictures of Chris Rene as a Kid

Pictures of Chris Rene as a child have surfaced. These never before seen pictures show what seems to be a happy young Chris. Who would have known that this kid would have grown up to star on one of the most popular singing competitions on television, well apparently he did. He is quoted as saying, "I wanted to be a star", he has never given up on his dream. He is pictured below performing with classmates from his school. The X Factor star grew up being around music and always wanted to perform. Chris' grandfather, Leon Rene, wrote the popular song "Rockin' Robin" and his father Rafael “Googie” Rene, was a moderately successful Jazz and soul singer. It just seems that he was destined to become a star.
Chris Pictured Dancing with classmates
Chris in an Elementary School Picture
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Awe!!! These pictures are so adorable. You were such a cute little boy.

hes so adorable when he was younger and yet hes cute now love you chris rene

hi chris i was very sad tht u didnt win the xfactor u so diserved to of been the winner of it i loved u from day one every time i seen u sing u gave me cold chills threw my body u are such a great person who has changed many lives i hope nothin but the best for u and i hope to soon see a cd from u love always ur number one fan

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