Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chris Rene - Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Episode 1 of The Live Shows (Video)


Chris Rene - Love Don't Live Here Anymore on Episode 1 of X Factor Live Shows

Chris Rene's performance on the first episode of The X Factor live shows was amazing. He sang Madonna's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore". While I think they could have picked a different song for the X Factor star, he put his spin on it and made it his own. As always he didn't disappoint. His delivery and style brought a whole new feel to the song and made us like it.


You did so awesome Chris. We wish you the best of luck through the live shows. I'm voting for you for sure.

Bro this song was crazy good. On the next live show you should do a Smokey Robinson song.

Wow! I loved it and the more I hear from you , the more I'm convinced that you are going to succeed! Even if you choose to make music over performing, I see this happening for you. With or without The X Factor! You really are special Chris and please remain as humble as you are! Love again, from Canada!

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