Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chris Rene on LiveStream Getting Tattoos


Chris Rene Getting Tattoos on LiveStream

Chris went on Twitcam again and this time we watched as Chris got tattoos up by one of his homies. Tattoo artist, Frank Hernandez AKA "Skan Arts", did a really good job with the artwork. Chris got a rose and a microphone on his left arm and the virgin Mary on the back of his left hand. It took around 3 hours to complete the work.

Yin Yang Baby by Frank Skan Arts on Twitpic
Chris Rene Yin-Yang Tattoo
By Frank Hernandez AKA "Skan Arts" 
Chris also received the Yin-Yang tattoo on his right hand (pictured right) from Hernandez.

Chris talks to his brother Mike on the phone in part of the video. He gave shout outs to fans watching him on twitter. He named off a laundry list of groups and bands that he likes and inspires him. He and Frank also shared that they love cupcakes. One last thing, sorry ladies Chris said that he is not married but that he is in love.

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             Chris Rene Getting a Tattoo on Twitcam


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