Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chris Rene on Webcam Recorded on Twitcam Livestream


Chris Rene on Webcam via Twitcam

Chris Rene got on his webcam via Twitcam and talked to some of his fans through Livestream. His fans got a look into his world behind the scenes of his life on The X Factor. He talked with fans and answered questions. Chris talked about some of his music and song ideas. He was chilling with Marcus Canty up in the hotel room. You can hear Marcus in the background singing, talking on the phone or whatever he was doing.

Videos of Chris Playing The Piano

The X Factor star also talked about his son and being in recovery. He even admitted he would like to do some piano music or doing an Eminem song on the live shows.

                      Chris Rene on Twitter Cam


Thanks for taking the time to talk to your fans, Chris. You're the schzammmm!

It's so awesome that you actually talk to your fans. You're still seem so humble to at that. There are so many people that would get in your position and just blow of fans and get arrogant but you keep that connection and stay grounded. I hope that you keep those qualities. If so you will go far and always have an evergrowing fan base that will reach across many boundaries. Good luck to you Chris and God speed.

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