Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chris Rene Performed Everyday People on The Judges Houses Episode 2 (Video)


Chris Rene People Everyday Video

The Judges Houses episode 2 is now behind us and it is up to the judges to slim the 32 down to just 16. Due to the ALCS rain delay on Thursday nights X Factor show Chris Rene fans have been left holding their breath waiting to see how he would do and what song he would sing. The wait is now over and the result of the show and Chris' performance in particular are that first off he was very self doubting as shown in a pre-performance interview with X Factor host Steve Jones.

The good news is that he nailed it, despite X Factor Judge LA Reid saying "I have never seen him that uncomfortable before." He performed the 1968 Sly and The Family Stone original hit song "Everyday People" in the stylings of Arrested Development’s 1992 rendition "People Everyday". Watch the video below to see the interview and watch Chris' Judges Houses performance.

                                        Chris Rene "Everyday People" Sly and The Family Stone Cover


You did such a good job putting you spin on a classic.

Chris you are my hero man. I just downloaded your album and it's amazing. Stay clean man and keep your head up/

I think he was joking about Chris being uncomfortable. La likes Chris a lot you can tell by the way he acts when he performs. I think he was trying to flirt with Rihanna a little bit. You'll notice that right after LA says that he also looks at Rihanna and say maybe you were intimidating him.

Patrick. C

I dont even like that kind of music and definitely those kind of shows, when i stumbled on X factor the other Chris was on so i watched it a little because i thought that he was another goof with no future. Well double wow for you my man because of you im watching X factor just to follow you. Young homie is such a good song and you impress me by your incredible talent. If you are eliminate for a reason or another im telling you i will stop watching the show. Im not worry though, even if you dont win this contest, if it's not La Reid someone will give you a contract, you have dollard sign on your head. Well like i said i dont like that kind of music but im listening to yours. Stay thru to your self and others will follow. Peace out

I agree with comments above! I am "old"--over 40 and not a big rap fan, but I am following you and listening too. I'll buy any album you put out if you keep true to yourself and that amazing talent you have. Your special and you "move" people including me. I am sharing your youtube story & performances with my kids! Your great! Stay sober! Got sober at your age and it was worth it! First 5 yrs will be trying--- do it for your family too. Can't wait to see what you do next on Xfactor and beyond! Remember, one day at a time.

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