Friday, October 7, 2011

Chris Rene Performs with Sister Gina Rene on the Second Night of Boot Camp (Video)


Chris and Gina Rene on X Factor (Video)

Episode two of The X Factor Boot Camp found Chris and Gina Rene performing side by side along with Marcus Canty, Brennin Hunt, the group Equality, Ma'at Bingham Shango and Matthew Johnson. The group was given a song fitting to most in the group. It was Marvin Gayes 1971 hit What's Going On. The group got mixed reviews from the panel of judges after their performance.


Your sister Gina looks like such a sweet girl. You're both lucky to have one another. It's too bad she didn't make it through boot camp. You two look like you perform well together. Maybe you can win this year and she can audtion for the X Factor again next year and then she could win. :) Anywho it would be nice. Regardless of if she is on the show or not Chris I want you to know that I send all my support your way, not that I didn't to begin with but I really wanted Gina to go further than she did. I was hoping both of you went on until the end. Look at me rambling on. I will go now much of luck to you there big guy.

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