Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chris Rene will Reunite with His Sister Gina Rene (Video)


Chris Rene's Sister Gina Rene on X Factor

If things couldn't have gotten any more exciting for Chris Rene than being thrust into the public eye with his successful X Factor audition he has more to look forward to as he enters The X Factor Boot Camp. Sources have came forward to let it be known that Chris' sister, Gina Rene will also be on the show. Gina who had auditioned in L.A. has been estranged from Chris due to differing factors in each of their lives. It is not known at this time if she actually made it through to enter The X Factor Boot Camp but it is very likely judging from Chris' musical abilities.

Gina Rene has had some success of her own in the past with an original track U Must Be being featured in the 2006 dance flick Step Up.

                                                                Artstrong feat. Gina Rene - U Must Be


She has talent but I really think Chris has much more. Just saying.

I like her, this bro/sis talent is so neat!

@ Sarah

You can't be serious? Gina has far more talent than Chris. He has as much talent as I have in my big toe.

Lisa why don't you just keep your comments to yourself. My grandmother always told me if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Chris is a great talent and and will go far be it on X Factor or elsewhere. Maybe you're an X Factor cast off and come on here to vent?

I agree with Anna, Lisa please don't come here to disrespect Chris on his blog, nobody deserves that. If he had no talent, he would not have over 4 million viewers on Youtube and would not be on The X Factor. Please take your negativity elsewhere...thanks!

Gina is extremely talented - no doubt. but I think as when LA Reid said to Chris "you are the TRUTH". that spoke volumes.. I think someone like Chris Rene just hits a deeper chord right now in alot of us.

I just love this man! Chris Rene has had a spot in my heart from day one. He has got such great talent, he bring's tears to my eye's every time he sings. He is so inspirational I pray that he wins he deserves it!

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