Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris Rene - The Official Same Blood Video | New Music Video on YouTube (Video)


Chris Rene - The Same Blood Music Video on YouTube

A new Chris Rene music video has been leaked. "The Same Blood" was produced by Gut Wrenching Productions. Watch the YouTube video below to see the X Factor star doing what he does best, entertaining the fans and living and loving life. This is the first official video released by the X Factor star since we learned that he will be moving on to the Live Shows portion of the competition.

Chris Rene - The Same Blood


Dude you are the man this video rocked.

I need this MP3 where can I find it? Are these guys going to produce more of your videos? Keep on Poppin' Chris. NYC for Chris Rene 2011!!!

WOW!!! Love your talent! You make my day!

not doubt that chris rene is a big star and will al ways be about this being seen by millions of people vote for chris rene is best in x factor.

Love You Chris Rene.. You are the X Factor

too bad you can't sing same blood for the semi's. i'm a 58 year old white male, and i believe you can win this. pullin for you little homie!!!


I am devastated that you didn't win. I think that you, along with Josh were the true musicians in the final three. Melanie has a beautiful voice. Just what we need another beautiful female voice, NOT. You were such a breath of fresh air. I voted about 435 times for you last night (12/21) before the calls were blocked at 11:30 P.M. EST.

I hope that you will get some good contracts and that you will move forward with your life and career. Please stay clean. If I ever hit a big Mega Millions or Powerball, I will front both you and Josh, asking only the capital I extend plus 10% to go to a non-profit I will set up and out of which the funds will come. If I am lucky you will be lucky too, but even if I am not lucky, I hope you will be.

I think you have so much to offer a generation that is confused and despondent. Keep your message upbeat. Allow some melodies in there too. Astro was good at rapping, but I don't think he had any musicality in his soul.

I am convinced that because of your difficult times that you had an epiphany in the course of rehab. Keep the faith. You will live your dream.

I am about 2.5 times your age and I still appreciate you.



chris!!!... go ahead n keep making music like really a true artist n superstar to be in today's music!!! LOVE LIFE

I must say even I'm dissapointed you did not win, I'm happy that the world got to know you, you are out baby, thanks for being you and showing us how perseverance pays off, you deserve the best and you"ll get it, please stay focus, we, your fans are expecting a lot from you and pray that God will give you the strengh to stay healthy and make your dreams come true, love you always... such and inspiration you are... out of words....

'Merry Christmas And God Bless Yu And Yur Family! Keep Singing And Do Yur Own Thing.. Im A Huge Fan And I Followed Yu From The Beginning. I Love Yur Music! L.L <3

Chris - Love the music and the lyrics. Keep workin the steps and relying upon the Lord and you'll be alright. I believe in you Bruh! So nice to have some hip hop that is positive and inspirational. Stay true to who you've become and you'll have the opportunity to help inspire thousands to turn things around! God bless!!
Much love and respect,

Chris, When I hear your music, when I see you perform - it makes me feel good inside - you are so gifted, you are a natural! Stay healthy - you're the BEST!
Just like your other fans say: "MUCH LOVE AND A WHOLE LOT OF RESPECT FOR YOU".

What a great message and video. You are a true talent and I can't wait to buy your music when it comes out. You are truely an insperation in a time where the world really needs one.
Thank you for being you.

Thank you soooo much for being u!! u have truly inspired me! i no what its like to be a former user and what it takes to over come it! so on your road to fame, please dont lose your self! i support u 100% !! cant wait to buy your music!!

love always!

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