Friday, October 7, 2011

Chris Rene's First Bootcamp Audition (Video)


Chris Rene Bootcamp Audition (Video)

Chris Rene made it through to The X Factor Boot Camp and gave another outstanding performance for the judges. He chose to sing the 1983 hit Every Breath You Take by The Police.

                                              Chris Rene - Every Breath You Take (The Police Cover)


You killed it at bootcamp. Wish I could see the whole clip. I hope you win dude. You have my vote for sure. You had some of the others at the bootcamp shaking in their boots, some literally. I'm glad I watched the first episode of The x Factor. I don't usually watch shows like that but it was worth it seeing you on that stage.

X Factor is on tonight yeah baby I've been biting my nails since the last episode. I hope they show more of you tonight than they did on the boot camp episodes. Lots of love hugs and kisses!! xoxo

I can't wait for tonights show....You are a gift from heaven. We need more ppl like you...brave in heart! I love your music so far....God bless ya...and keep it up...this is your time! :)


Chris Rene you are so amazing I have 3 years clean today and one day you will have that, every time I see you you I just pray you get this and you have an amazing talent you will be famous

You give me a recovering addict myself, I am so very proud of you for putting yourself out there with 70 days clean...Nothing but inspiration....Rooting for you all the way....

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