Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forrest Burnham's Band on L.A. Reid's Record Label


Forrest Burnham on L.A. Reids Record Label

We all know Forrest Burnham and if you don't he covered Chris Rene's Young Homie on YouTube. Well, it turns out that Burnham's band Burnham is signed to Island /Def Jam Record's whose chairman and CEO is none other than X Factor Judge, who's mentor to the boy's category need I say more is none other than Antonio L.A. Reid.

Watch Forrest Burnham's Cover of Chris Rene's Young Homie

Is it a coincidence or could this mean that since his audition the producers of the Fox T.V. show along with Simon Cowell and the panel of judges have known all along that Chris Rene is the one they are putting forward in this competition? Something kind of seems strange about this but I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.


It's no wonder he has like 2 times the amount of views on his cover than his nearest competitor.

wow I thought he was just some other kid try for youtube fame.

I don't know anything about this Burnham character but is anyone else mad the X Factor isn't on tonight?

Yeah what's up with that baseball over x factor? I mean come on.

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