Tuesday, October 25, 2011

L.A. Reid Talks About Chris Rene Becoming a Star


L.A. Reid Interview on Chris Rene

It's no surprise, judging from the videos of Chris' performances that L.A. Reid enjoys his performances. He seems to want to get up and dance every time the X Factor star hits the stage. It's clear that L.A. is very excited to have him on his team and to be his mentor. Since the Judges' Houses portion of the competition, the X Factor judge has came forward to praise him for his on stage presences, "He was always a stand out from his very first audition and I'm really happy to have him." Reid said.

Chris Rene's Audtion Video performing "Young Homie"

Chris Rene has become a top competitor since his audition and Reid has definitely taken notice of that, "He has a very unique talent. He is somewhere between a singer and a rapper."

"If he gets into the moment and really feels comfortable with the material, as he did with his own material when he did his initial audition, then he'll do fine."

"I have faith in Chris and I think he will emerge as an amazing star and a man we can be proud of who does have the strength to overcome his illness and the disease he calls addiction."
Reid said, "Chris Rene will emerge as an amazing star"


chris rene as always takes the stage there are no comments nobody cant touch chris rene is true artist unique talent best.

about is past chris by honest told the whole truth end hi was approved in x factor by saimon cowell,paula,nicole,l.a.red.today they continue to speak evil of chris rene left alone is big star.

x factor does not want to know the life of anyone seeking stars record artist sale music success unique talent only one chris rene.

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