Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rare Unseen Pics of Chris Rene | Pictures of Chris Rene and Family


Pictures of Chris Rene on His Myspace Page

Now that you know who Chris is you're probably wanting to see more of him. You can view new unseen photos of Chris Rene on his MySpace page. There are all kinds of pics of him hanging out with friends and he has also posted pictures of him posing with his brother who you meet on the show. Just follow the link below and see the X Factor star in his element at home in Santa Cruz living life. Get a new aspect of the man who X Factor fans everywhere are hoping will move on and win this competition.

Unseen Pics of Chris Rene, His Friends and His Family

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Looking very hot in a lot of these pictures. Hope you post more. Maybe next time more shirtless pics. Pretty sexy nonetheless.

Your family is beautiful, Chris I hope you are still together and don't let anyone get in the way!! Never stop singing!

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