Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sincere - The Calm Before The Storm feat. Chris Rene - Free Download


Chris Rene Free MP3 Download

                                                                         Free Download
After you watch the offical teaser video click the link below it to visit Sincere's website, The Real Sincere and recieve a Free MP3 Download sent straight to your email box. The album was completely produced by Nima Fadavi and features Chris Rene, Pep Love, R-Mean, Lil Dusty, Scorpz, Ghambit, Jermz, DJ Ice Water and Smoov G.

                                               Sincere - The Calm Before The Storm feat. Chris Rene

Free MP3 Download | Sincere - The Calm Before The Storm feat. Chris Rene

After you've had a chance to download and listen to the album come back here and review it and see what others thought of Sincere's new album The Calm Before The Storm. Look for the whole video of this track above coming Oct. 24th.


I don't know about the rest of the album I'm still waiting on the email but this track in the video is fresh.

This Sincere guy has a foul mouth.

Lisa what did you expect a Ray Charles album?

I agree with Lisa he is pretty foul. Chris is a much better musician than what he can achieve in music. This kind of music really limits him and I don't want to see him pigeonholed as a rap artist when he can do it all rap, rock, r&b, soul, jazz and blues. Chris has it all.

Sincere's "foul mouth" comes from real life struggles and expiriences. Not everyone lives a perfect life. If you take time to listen to the lyrics, you might understand the pain and love they were written with. I think the "Calm before the Storm" album is a great album, great beats, great artist and great lyrics. I'm looking forward to seeing Sincere and Chris Rene working together and releasing more amazingly great music.

I loved it! Thanks for more I enjoyed the video!!

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