Tuesday, October 18, 2011

X Factor Judges Houses Elimination - Who Made It to Live Shows


X Factor Judges Houses Eliminations USA 2011

It has all came down to to this, elimination from the Judges' Houses. The 32 acts have become 17 (read on to find out why) who have moved on. Who will Perform in the Live Shows? It has been a struggle for each of the acts, giving it all they've got. We now know who made it through and who went home. The ones who made it through have a whole new competition ahead of them as the field has been narrowed to the best of the best. There were some upsets and suprises. Only four from each category made it through, did your favorite make the cut?

It was an honor for all of these contestants to make it through Bootcamp in to the Judges Houses. All of them did a really great job.

Who Made It to Live Shows From The Girls Category

  • Simone Battle
  • Drew Ryniewicz
  • Tia Tolliver
  • Rachel Crow
  • Melaine Amaro

Who Was Eliminated From The Girls Category

  • Tora Woloshin
  • Jazzlyn Little
  • Caitlin Koch

Who Made It to Live Shows From The Boys Category

  • Brian "Astro" Bradley
  • Phillip Lomax
  • Chris Rene
  • Marcus Canty

Who Was Eliminated From The Boys Category

  • Nick Voss
  • Skyelor Anderson
  • Bennin Hunt
  • Tim Cifers

Who Made It to Live Shows From The Groups Category

  • The Brewer Boys
  • Lakoda Rain
  • Intensity
  • The Stereo Hogzz


Who Was Eliminated From The Groups Category

  • Illusion Confusion
  • 2 Squar'd
  • 4Shore
  • The Anser

Who Made It to Live Shows The Over 30s Category

  • Josh Krajcik
  • Dexter Haygood
  • Leroy Bell
  • Stacy Fancis

Who Was Eliminated From The Over 30s Category

  • Christa Collins
  • James Kenney
  • Tiger Budbill
  • Elaine Gibbs
Simon decided at the end of the show that he had made a huge mistake when letting Melaine Amaro go home. He jumped on a plane to Sunrise, FL to her the good news. She will continue the competition and there will now be 5 in the girls category instead of just 4. Simon personally apologized to Amaro and her family for dismissing her and then asked her back on the show.

So, that's it. The final 16 who will perform in The Live shows have been choosen. Next Tuesday the live competition will begin and the excitement really picks up. All of the acts will finally perform live and everything will heat up. Make sure that you tune in.


I can't believe Nick Voss didn't make. It makes me so mad. I know LA had to cut them down but you took my man away

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