Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chris Rene Official Clothing Line Launching in 2 Months


Chris Rene to Launch
Official Clothing Line

Chris Rene Tweeted to all of his fans that he will be launching an exclusive clothing line. Brand set to launch in late January early February.

The X Factor star told Twitter fans that he would be launching an official clothing line sometime in late January early February. It's no surprise to the Chris Rene Fan Site that Chris would decide to do this we have received dozens of emails asking where he gets his clothing style.

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Chris Rene's Tweeted "Guys & Gals get ready for the Official Love Life Clothing Line Coming in a few Months." We can't wait to see what brand and clothing style this musical genius is going to come up with. We're sure that it will be a style that is sure to impress.


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