Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dylan Synclaire - Hollywood Lyfe (Feat. Chris Rene)


Chris Rene is already dreaming of the Hollywood life style. In a new song from Dylan Synclaire Hollywood Lyfe Chris sings about designer shades and fancy cars. Watch the YouTube video below then click the iTunes button to download this track from iTunes and add it to your MP3 library.

Watch Dylan Synclaire's Hollywood Lyfe Video Feat. Chris Rene on YouTube and Download the song from iTunes and start Living the Hollywood Life Style.

Hollywood Lyfe (feat. Chris Rene) - Hollywood Lyfe (feat. Chris Rene) - Single


This song is awesome. Where did Dylan Synclaire come from? This cat is the man. Him and Chris Rene make a good team. I hope they get together and make more music.

I love this song. So much talent and class. Their voices sound dope together. I am a total fan!

This is great but I'm a little disappointed to hear Chris singing about sipping champagne given the circumstances:/

I feel the same way. Really concerned Hollywood will ruin Chris! Praying he stays humbled and eyes kept on the Lord.

Chris Rene is a big boy. He knows what he is doing. It's all up to him it he's going back to his oldself. I believe him, he is a strong man. this is a test of time for him to stay strong. We have to trust him. GOD BE WITH HIM ALL THE WAY!!!!

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