Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chris Rene - I'll Be There Michael Jackson Cover X Factor Top 7


Chris Rene Covers The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" on The X Factor Top 7. Wednesday Nov. 30 2011 for Michael Jackson Week.

In one of his best performances to date Chris Rene performed Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There"on The X Factor Top 7 episode. Chris Rene has came full circle in the eyes of most of his fans after this and last weeks performances. He is getting more comfortable on stage and finally getting songs that correctly profile his talents.

Tonight also served as a testament to how well Chris is able to handle pressure, 3 of the 4 remaining members of Michael Jackson's childhood band of brothers, The Jackson 5, along with Jackson's mother and his children were in the audience.

This was also a very special night for Chris because he has a connection to The Jackson 5. Chris' grandfather, Leon Rene, co-wrote the tune Rockin' Robin under the pen name Jimmie Thomas that was recorded by Bobby Day in 1958. Then as we all know, it was picked up and released by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 in 1972. So, as you can imagine this was an especially big night for Chris Rene and his family, as well as the Jackson's.

If you missed his tribute to Michael Jackson you can see the YouTube video below of Chris Rene singing "I'll Be There" on the Michael Jackson week episode of The X Factor Top 7. Please feel free to leave your comments on how you feel Chris Rene did in his delivery of The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There".

                  Chris Rene - I'll Be There Jackson 5 Cover X Factor Top 7 Michael Jackson Week



You did an awesome job last night Chris I know you will make it through tonight.

Your version of I'll be there was so good. I can't watch X Factor tonight and hear Steve Jones call out your name.

Chris Rene "Love Life"

Fantastic performance.
You will take it all home.
Go forward, one day at a time.

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