Monday, November 7, 2011

Chris Rene at Movie Premiere of Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill (Video)


Chris Rene took time to meet with fans at the premiere of Adam Sandler's new movie Jack and Jill. The Premiere at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, CA is where Chris signed autographs and took pictures with fans on Sunday Nov. 07.

Chris Rene signed autographs and meet with fans outside the premiere of Adam Sandler's new movie Jack and Jill. Fans took pictures with the X Factor star outside The Regency Village Theatre in Westwood California. The fans also urged Chris to sing a song for them, so he agreed and sung part of the song he used at audition on the debut episode of X Factor, Young Homie.

                                                  Chris Rene at Movie Premiere of Jack and Jill
On The Red Carpet @ The Jack and Jill Movie Premiere 
Pictured (Left to Right) Brian "Astro" Bradley,
Chris Rene and Marcus Canty

On The Red Carpet @ The Jack and Jill Premiere
 Chris Rene in a Picture with Adam Sandler
On The Red Carpet @ The Jack and Jill Movie Premiere
Chris Rene Posing for Pictures with Verne Troyer (Mini Me)


I was at the premiere when they shot this video. It was amazing to see Chris. I hope I get the chance to see him again sometime.

Chris congratulations for all you've achieved!! u are an example for many people i admire you so much, i wish u all the best, and u have one more fan from El Salvador central america! blessings!!!

Chris good luck to u bud i hope everything works out for u.Life is full of so many blessings. I am also in recovery with a son and life is way too short for the devils pleasures.Keep doin what ur doin pimpin!

I've got lots of respect & admiration for you, Chris. You put it all out there and embraced who you are. You don't hide your struggle for nobody and you've made yourself a better person for that. You've brought hope to others going thru their own personal battles to see that it's never too late to step up and make a better change for life! I will pray for you to stay strong and focused and especially to keep those demons away know they come in many forms so keep that armor of God ready brother! Love you & blessings! ~Kathy

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