Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chris Rene - Superstar Video | X Factor Live Show Video


On the Wednesday night Nov. 2nd of the Live Shows performances of The X Factor Chris Rene sang Superstar a cover of the 1971 hit song by The Carpenters.

It was another great performance by Chris on Wednesday night as he took the stage. He was on fire and so was the stage. Visable in the video are the new tattoos we saw Chris getting on webcam as he held the mic and slowly built up the tune until the chorus hit and flames shot out of the stage in front of him. It was at this point of the performance that we saw Chris at his most comfortable with his performace as he put his own spin on the song and made the chorus flow.

Chris Rene Getting Tattoos on Webcam via Twitcam

He really rocked this one out. He was missing his trademark hat that we have all come to know him to wear but he lacked no mojo as he really rocked this one out. If this performance didn't gain him the votes that he needs to clinch a spot on the next live show I don't know what could. Watch the YouTube video below to see his performance.

                                           Chris Rene - Superstar X Factor Live Show Video


Patrick. C

He owns every songs that they tell him to sing,he prouved everyone that he got talent, now it's time to give him a song that fit is style.

Chris you rock and you got my vote till you win.

I've never even seen X Factor or heard of this guy but Superstar is one of my favorite songs. I was curious so I watched the video and you my friend did a very good job with it. I'm going to look you up on YouTube and watch more of your videos now. You have made a fan out of me. Best of luck to you indeed.

The X Factor has gotten a lot better in the last couple of weeks. Superstar is a great song and watching the video is good but there is nothing like watching it live. I can't wait to see how the rest of the show goes.

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