Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chris Rene - No One (Alicia Keys) Cover X Factor Semi-Finals


Chris Rene covers Alicia Keys No One for his second performance of X Factor Semi-Finals.

Chris Rene pulled out another great performance and starts it off seated at a piano. There's no better place to start a song like Alicia Key's No One than doing just that.

He did it with passion for not only this contest but with a true passion for the music that he does, whether it be his own music or a cover of someone elses. His emotion had shown through in a pre-performance interview where Chris talks about losing his father.

We know that right now nothing means more to him than his sobriety, his family and winning this competition.

See Chris Rene's outstanding X Factor Semi-Final performance of Alicia Key's No One in the video below.

                                                   Chris Rene - No One (Alicia Keys) Cover X Factor Semi-Finals


Great performance, I am so proud of Chris.

You are simply an inspiration to so many people , God works in many ways and i think he is working through you , you have such a kindred spirit . I just adore you . ''DARK HORSE'' you are going places and you are loved by many ....Your dad is smiling in heaven , that's for sure !!

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