Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here (Acoustic Set)


This is another original song by Chris Rene titled Where Do We Go From Here. This was an acoustic set recorded before he auditioned for The X Factor.

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Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here X Factor Top 5

                                                      Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here


Simply Amazing Talent! Loved It! Love You Lovin Life!

Man you killed it tonight homie. I'm about to email this to a couple of those bloggers that have been ripping on you for the last couple of weeks. Keep it up homie

I knew we could do it just like you said tell them we want a Chris Rene original and they let you do it. Renegades Baby!!!!

You seem to be more comfortable doing your own music than wearing someone else's skin...that only illuminates your creativeness. Keep it up and I can't wait to buy your album! ;)

Absolutely incredible! I get the best feeling when I listed to this song - love, comfort, hope, and peace all at once! I want to buy it right now!

Appreciate you extraordinary talent, but generally don't enjoy your choide of music. Nailed it tonight though!

...Where do we go from here? We go all THA way with Chris Rene#LoveLife@SC@Tej

I can't stop humming this song tonight! Wonderful performance!!

Your an amazing artist.I love your music.I love you loving life.

Marilyn Maragh Loves you!! Thank you for coming into my world even if its only on the TV continue to be the shinning star that you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey, you gonna win. but you should check out this local band in my area called One Red Martian. they would love the publicity. also check out their website at

one more thing... my brother has a band called goodshive low. they are amazing musicians and would love for you to check them out. check THEM out at

thx, love you lovin life

why so many people love u, Chris? U re real and U doing your own music from yr heart

Really have been searching for this track? where can I find a mp3 of this?

I love Chris Rene, the first time I saw him on X faactor I knew and hoped he'd be a star.

Good Luck, I can't wait to buy your first album

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