Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chris Rene X Factor Viewing Party at The Catalyst (Video)


Video of the X Factor Viewing Party for Chris Rene at The Catalyst. Supporters with Love Life T-shirts and knuckle tattoos were everywhere.

It was chaos at The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz as hometown supporters for Chris Rene gathered to view the X Factor finals on Wednesday. It was a great tribute to a man that has came so far in his life. Fans were there sporting Love Life t-shirts and knuckle tattoos it was a high energy party for Santa Cruz's favorite performer.

Watch the videos below to see all the excitment go down as the people of Santa Cruz came together for the X Factor viewing party in support of Chris Rene as he performed in the finals

Click the link below to view all of Chris Rene's X Factor Performances and More....
Chris Rene on X Factor


Still upset with this idea of why calls weren't going thru for Chris:

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