Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chris Rene - Young Homie X Factor Finals


Chris Rene Performs Young Homie for his 2nd X Factor Finals Performance.

Chris Rene took us back to his audition performing Young Homie for his last performance on the X Factor finals. He did just as good if not better this time around and had the crowd roaring and on their feet. After he had finished Paula Abdul was on her feet and praising Chris for such an awesome performance.

Chris Rene - Young Homie X Factor Audition

It is clear that Chris Rene is The X Factor and he has shown it every step of the way. He is proud but meek, laid back and explosive but he is always as L.A. Reid has said The Truth. If we have expected anything from Chris Rene throughout this competition it's the fact that he has been himself. He is a great performer and is muti-talented.

We believe no one else deserves to win this competition more than Chris Rene. Watch the video below of Chris Rene's performance of Young Homie on The X Factor Finals.

Click the link below to view all of Chris Rene's X Factor Performances and More....
Chris Rene on X Factor

                                                            Chris Rene - Young Homie X Factor Finals


i jumped up and down my couch when he started singing. I LOVE THIS SONG !! I am so happy he performed it . He is already a STAR!

Chris you are the winner...keep singing we love u

Chris u were the mt original keep strong LOVE

Chris you are #1...America got this one wayyyyyyyyyy wrong! Many can get up and carry a tune, but few can play musical instruments,write music, and perform. YOU will go beyond everyone that was on X factor. Never give up, move forward-peace.You are the best!Love from Watsonville Nicole L. Soucy

Congratulations, thank you for being real,your fambamm the pecks, castle valley,ca! Stay straight and we are looking to here from you soon:) much love:)

Congrats Chris!!To me you are the winner, stay straight and continue providing us with your lovely music. Love, from New Jersey.

Chris rene i luv u sooo much i luv ur song and i know it by heart when i first saw u i luved u. cant wait for young homie on the radio! ppl in my skool know how much i love you!! you are awesome ur a star and WE luv u. keep singing and stay straight

love louise u rock

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