Thursday, December 8, 2011

Video of Chris Rene Playing Piano


Chris Rene in a Video Playing the Piano. Looking like his idol Stevie Wonder in some fresh shades, bangin' the ivory.

Watch video of Chris Rene playing the piano just like his idol Stevie Wonder. If this man don't look like the winner of America's first X Factor I don't know who does.

Behind the Scene Look at how Chris does his thing

♪♫ Chris RenĂ© is now MagNetized | Myspace Video


I am just loving the whole story about you. I have 2 sons who have talent and skills but can't cut lose of the drugs and alcohol. You inspire me to believe that oneday they will as I continue to pray for them and you. You have the swag of a black man and the humbleness of someone that knows life is precious. That's a beautiful combination. And yes the truth will set you free.

A mama in Houston

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