Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chris and Gina Rene New Years Eve Party at The Catalyst 2011


Chris Rene Performing with Gina New Years Eve at The Catalyst Club's New Years Eve Party.

Chris and Gina Rene were at a New Years Eve Party at The Catalyst celebrating the close of 2011. They sang Chris' original Where Do We Go From Here. It was a great night for Chris' hometown fans to come out and kick off the new year with Chris and his sister Gina. The videos below are shot from 2 different angles depicting the same performance.

                                       Chris and Gina Rene at The Catalyst Club New Years Eve Party

                      Chris and Gina Rene New Years Eve at The Catalyst - Where Do We Go From Here


I was so close to going to the Catalyst. I made it to the parade with my friends but started getting sick so we came home. I really wanted to see Gina in person. I knew Chris would be there to sing with his sister. Thank You for letting me see what I missed. Guess I'll have to wait for another chance to see Chris and Gina play locally again.

Hei.. o Brasil, especificamente São Paulo, espera por vocês!!!!


Hei.. o Brasil, especificamente SANTA CATARINA, espera por você!! hahahahhah

espero ansiosamente a vinda do Chris pra cá, seja São Paulo, Rio, tanto faz!! E também o lançamento de novas músicas *--*

chris rene your the man bro
big ups from new zealand
keep up ur musik bro

Love you chris!! and love you gina!! cant wait to buy your music!!

loving you from missoui!!

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