Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chris Rene Record Deal | Signs Recording Contract with Epic


Chris Rene Officially Signs Recording Contract. Gets Record Deal with L.A. Reid's Epic Records.

Chris Rene has signed a record deal with L.A. Reid's Epic Records a division of Sony. Marcus Canty and Astro have also recieved contracts with Epic. Chris as we all know has been hard at work in the studio recording his debut record with Epic.

Chris said "I've dreamt about this momentous moment my whole life and now it's here.", "I'm more than honored to be an Epic artist. Working with L.A. Reid 'Big Homie' is a dream come true. He's a great man and I look forward to the opportunity to share my music with the world."

See Chris on The X Factor

This is great news for Chris Rene fans who were devastated by the news of his elimination from the show. It looks like The X Factor was just a stepping stone, although a major stepping stone in the future music career for Chris.

This record contract allows Chris to continue working with his X Factor mentor L.A. Reid who we are sure will allow Chris to do what he does best, penning his own music and entertaining his fans.



The world knows Chris Rene was the True X Factor. Thank God for bringing Chris into the lives of the world and LA Reid for being his mentor. He,his music and lyrics are already changing the world. Congratulations are an inspirational to all. You Rock!!!!!!! Can't wait for your music to be released:)

So cool. I'm really happy for Chris.

Beautiful work, Chris Rene. U definitely deserve all the goodness coming your way. Can't wait 2 purchase and hear the new album!

We are all so happy for you~ Way to go to our Soulja`...and you know ur true fans will be right there to buy ur albums...and see ur shows! Life is Good~ I think Life has become better for so many of Chris' souljas ~ #PUREINSPIRATION #STAR ...remember this? My favorite feeling in the world is to sit in this chair....and meet a star for the first time~ Simon Cowell

Keep reaching for the stars! Never give up! Thank you LA. Can't wait to buy ur music. U are the true champ.

Congratulations, Chris! You are the real winner of the X Factor as far as I am concerned. Your song Young Homie is very inspirational and motivational, capturing the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. I hope that you will continue to be on the right path. Stay strong! I am so happy and excited for you. I can't wait to buy and listen to your album.

Wow, so happy for you, Chris. "CONGRATULATIONS"! You're in great hands with L.A. Reid. So glad that you didn't settle for less, cause you definitely are the Cream of the Crop!!!!!!! Smiles.

Tucson, AZ

From the moment Chris sang Young Homie, he was the X Factor winner. He should have won the contest. I will always think that there were problems with the telephone lines when voting. I got more busy signals than the votes I was able to get through. But that's the past; the future is more of Chris to come and see our winner being the artist he worked so hard to be. Congrats Chris!

I love Chris Rene!! I am very happy to hear that the world will hear more of Chris Rene's original music. I knew deep down that he was going to make it big. I am anticipating his new album. Love Life

I'm ecstatic for Chris as I believe he should have been the winner of The X Factor. I also believe he will sell more records than the actual winner. We believe in you Chris and so look forward to your first album dropping! CONGRATS YOUNG HOMIE!

I am so ecstatic you are coming out with a cd! You are truly an inspiration Chris, your really really are. I am glad God sent you to X Factor. Dude you are the shiz baby. I love you and cannot wait for your cd to drop. I will be at your concerts. Much love Chris!

Can't wait for this cd to come out. I have been looking for cell phone rings of "Where do we go from here" since the show. I hope it will be out there too. Congrats! Thanks for saving the people you don't even know you touched. LOL

I am so excited for Chris. I can see Chris at music awards next year.

no one deserves it more. i am so glad that LA signed you, i had a feeling he would. am looking forward to your cd.

Chris you gave us all goosebumps when you first auditioned ... only the greats get those reactions!
You touch so many people of all ages. You are a winner . Props to LA for signing you .
All of us in Canada love you. You have won over our hearts & are in our homes, via you tube until
your CD is out! Blessings . Keep it real always . One day at a time.

DUDE you rock and can not wait for your CD

Can't wait to buy his music and Congrats Chris,,,Love your music

Aww, when is the album comin´ out? I just can't wait to hear more from Chris Rene! Love ya! Greetings from Finland. ;)

We all loved you from the first moment we heard your voice...much love from Akron Ohio...cant wait to buy your album

congratulations chris all the best god bless you joseph from s.i. ny

Definitly the true XFactor ... Well done chris, cant wait for the album.. Keep it up

Way to go Chris! Very exciting. Can't wait to see the music video. Have you seen this recent Chris Rene interview at the event? He's so adorable!

Keep Trippin' on life Chris. You are an inspiration to others in the struggle. Never forget that. Even if one person finds the light at the end of the tunnel because of you, you have done a life time of work. Wishing you all the best.


Chris, from day one when I seen you on x-factor, what I saw emenate from your soul was beautiful and true, from one recovering soul as yourself, always keep faith, love & forgiveness in your heart. Never forget what God has blessed you with! And remember this always - " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - PHILLIPIAINS 4:13

Chris: You cannot fool Stevie Wonder. He truly feels that you have talent and was inspired by you.So was Eminem.These singers also play other musical instruments and know how talented you are. You should have won the show. XFactor is about more than singing. You need other attributes like appeal to the masses of different ages.I know in my heart that you are a special person and please use your talents to help others who look upon you as a winner in life.You can do so much good for others.Stay true to your family!

Gives me goosebumps every time I hear the song Young Homie! Your truly an inspiration to many people. So happy to hear all these amazing things are happening for you.


My husband and I grew up SC; went to Soquel High. Had our son Jake in 1975.Our son reminds us of you. Not the talented music part but the tats, rehab, and a giving, thoughtful, loving, wonderful man! Hope to see you live in SC. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your music!

Jeff and Kerry Wikoff

Congratulations, Chris! I just turned 60, and I have been cheering for you and waiting for your CD since I first saw you on X Factor. You do indeed rock! I hope "Where Do We Go From Here" will be coming out soon, it gave me chills. So know that your music touches all ages, and keep being exactly who you are. Best of luck to you.

I will say it again, congrats Chris. I am a 56 year old grandmother, young at heart. Love your music and watched you on the X-factor. Keep yourself straight, sober and keep up your fantastic work. Just heard your single on the radio today and was amazed. Bought your single "Young Homie" on I-tunes today. Give your little boy a hug and a kiss. Rap on. Pam


I was 64 last fall about the time you were auditioning and competing for X-Factor. Even though Hip-Hop and R&B were not my preferred genre, you really impressed me. It took guts to blend the required music and your own. I think you did an excellent job with merging Young Homie with Let it Be. Your message is so positive and you are so open about your life, that it is clear that you had an epiphany in rehab. I have heard your single Young Homie and will soon be downloading it. I believe that you should have won the competition, although I really liked Josh also. But he didn't do as you did and show his own music. But one of you should have won over Melanie, who admittedly had a beautiful voice but was lacking in soul and an musicians heart. I can't wait until you make it to my region of the East Coast. I think that you can be a role model for many of those who have lost hope and are disenfranchised. You can encourage them not to give up on themselves, life and society. Peace! Keep the faith!

From the moment I heard you sing on the "X" Factor I knew you would become a star. I called it from day one. My 9 year old daughter and I cheered you on til the very end. I told her that I was sure you would make it big some day even though you did not win. It brought tears to my eyes each time I heard your "Young Homie" song. We were eating at the mall when all of a sudden I looked up and saw you singing on the Big screen. I said, "Oh my God! It's Chris Renee! He made it! We watched in awe as you sang your song. It couldn't have happened to a better person. I couldn't wait to get home and look up your "Young Homie" song on Youtube. Then I found out that LA signed you. So proud of you! You are truly an inspiration. Your little boy is going to grow up with a true role model.

Chris Rene

Chris you are a winner, I admire you. I love your music. thank you L.A.Reid for giving this special man and great singer a contract and fulfill he's dreams This man deserve it and he has made his mark on stage and around the world.I will definitely buy his music . Love you Chris

Thank you L.A.Reid for making his dream come true, with all my respect and best wishes to you.........Rholda Bester

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