Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buy Chris Rene's Single Young Homie from the iTunes Store









Buy Chris Rene's Single Young Homie from the iTunes Store.

The long awaited release of Chris Rene's Young Homie from the iTunes Store is now over. It is now your chance to buy the single and listen to it where ever you go and share it with your friends and family.

Be on the look out for more releases coming from Chris but in the meantime download this track and start playing it in your MP3 player.

Share this link and spread the word that Chris Rene's Young Homie is now available from the iTunes Store.

Young Homie - Single - Chris Rene


OMG! Just saw you on Ellen and I am so excited to see you out there sharing your amazing gift!I am proud of you!

Tamara Echols

when is Young Homie released in the UK?

Your story gives me goose bumps!!!I just love your song and how you changed your life. You are an inspiration!!! Keep doing what you do!!! I will be listening and hoping for more great music from you!! Sooooooooo happy for you and your family!!!!!
From, Harmony, Beau and Adin (my 2 kids)

Chris Rene is my Lord and my God; I love him completely and absolutely, Unconditionally, now and forever, it is as simple as that.

I have to say, as a 'nana', financially taking care of 5 grandkids. . .I had $3.60 in my bank account, 2 days before payday and I still bought Young Homie on iTunes. How's that for a fan? It's gotta say a whole hell of alot, huh? Looking forward to an entire album. I have followed Chris through XFactor and as I've said before, such an inspiration. Keep following the path you are on!


Chris, I downloaded your single recording of Young Homie. You really rock. I am 64 and wasn't a fan of hip-hop or rap because of the usual negative messages. Your recording is an inspiration to everyone. It is an inspiration to the disenfranchised because it shows them another way. It is an inspiration to those who have low self esteem because it shows them that if they believe in themselves and get their act together they can be happy and fulfilled. It shows those who would condemn those who don't get it together that there is suffering but also a hope of transforming their lives and becoming good citizens. I think you are the bomb. I wish you many happy days. I hope that I will be lucky enough to meet you some day and hold my hands together in gassho and bow to you for your insight and transformation. If I am ever lucky enough to win a big lottery, I will set up a non-profit to train and employ ex-offenders, those in rehab and the poor in green technology jobs and much more. If I am so lucky, I hope that you will help me in my efforts to inspire the disenfranchised.

In all humility,


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